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Last update: 20.1.2011

You can find something about me as a photographer and about the photo services which I am offering on this web pages. There are also some informations about my favourite coffee, coffee rooms, the way how to take photographs and about traveling. The documentary photography, portrait photography or the photography of details was and still is together with traveling one of my the greatest interests. In spite of the fact to be originaly a technician the photography became a part of my life from from the childhood. Recently, I use to take photographs by the digital camera CANON 5D. Some of my favorite subjects are an architecture, architecture's details and a documentary photography. I like to take photos of rock art (petroglyphs) all over the world. I offen connect documentary photography with traveling and so as the photographer-traveler I can offer a set of slideshows from countries like Kirgyzstan, Russian Federation, Marocco, Spain or from the mountains of the East Siberia, Pamir, West Tien-Shan or Sudan.

Up to date...

Recently we are preparing the expedittion Sabaloka 2011 again to the area of 6th Nile cataract, Sudan.

I help on the charity by my large scale photography "I am still burning" the action Auction for Leontynka

The exhibition SKALNÉ UMENIE STREDNEJ áZIE - STOPY NOMÁDSKEHO ŽIVOTA VO FOTOGRAFII/ROCK ART IN CENTRAL ASIA - TRACES OF THE NOMADIC LIFE IN PICTURES in Slovak National museum in Bratislava was extended untill the October the 14th !!!

5.9.2010 - finally I finished the instalation of a small exhibition dedicated to the Rock Art of Central Asia. The exhibition is selling and will be officially open 16th of September during the days of Kazach culture days. If interested you can find this exhibition in backyard of the hotel Splendid on Ovenecká street on Letná, Prague.

The radio realtion about the exhibition will be on line 7th of August at 16,30 on the radio station Radio Děvín. Lately will be possible to download it from archive as "Rubikon 7.8."

So we finaly buided up the exhibition in Bratislava and succesfully opened it :). This exhibition will be open minimally untill the end of Septembre and you are warmly welcome to visit it. Few photographs how we builded up it is available now here

small tasting of rock art Small tasting of photographs exposed on Bratislava exhibition. By double clicking on this icon you will start the slideshow in format mpeg. The "music" which goes together with photographs is played on "rockgongs" and was recorded during the expedition to fourth cataract, Sudan during February, 2010.

look inside

Catalogue - book, published on the occasion of the exhibition about the Rock Art and the Life of Central Asia Nomads is possible to buy in bookshops or from author The price is 88 CZK, plus post office charges.
Double clicking on the picture is possible to look inside. The book is full coloured, english-czech, printed on good paper with limp binding, format A5 and with 48 pages.

19th of July - My exhibition with the title SKALNÉ UMENIE STREDNEJ ÁZIE - STOPY NOMÁDSKEHO ŽIVOTA VO FOTOGRAFII/ROCK ART IN CENTRAL ASIA - TRACES OF THE NOMADIC LIFE IN PICTURES" will be open in the museum of Natural Sciences in Bratislava. You will have a chance to see pictures of rock art, scenes from the life of nomads and Medieval architecture of Central Asia in the form of photograps and posters. There will be also a chance to make your own negatives of Neolithic rock art sit for a while in typical nomadic tent called jurta. Invitation card in Slovak language and in russian language are available, press release is available here.

Photos exposed at the exibition are on sale and price list is available here.

the invitation to my exhibition in Bratislava in 2010

3.7.2010 - Poprvé v historii Střední Asie zastává prezidentský post žena. Mluvím o Kyrgyzstánu, jedné z mých nejoblíbeňějších zemí. Právě odtud mám zdokumentovaných několik lokalit skalního umění a jedny z nejkrásnějších vzpomínek na tamní pastevce. Kyrgyzská prezidentka se jmenuje Roza Otunbajevová a nám nezbývá než jim drzet palce.

3.7.2010 - For the first time in the life of Central Asia states became the head of the state a woman. I am speaking about my favourite country Kyrgyzstan. It is the country where I took the best rock art and met a lot of friendly people. Kyrgyz president is named Roza Otunbajevová and I hold my fingers for her.

mongolian fighters

The photos from the 20th aniversary meeting of patrons of the Mongolian Society which was held this Sunday 25.6. on the Jiřího z Poděbrad square in Prague are available now. Those who came, had a possiblity not only to see how to build the typical mongolian jurta but also, to try how the typical mongolian food tastes, listen to the traditional music or to see how traditional mongolian fight looks like.

My selling exhibition with the title Rock Art and the life of nomads from Central Asia in photographs of Pavel Lisy was open from 16.2. to 16.5. 2010 in Anthropos pavilion of Moravian Museum in Brno, Czech Republic". Some photos from the opening ceremony are now available. This exhibition is already over, but not closed for ever. A new version of the same exhibition, a little bit expanded and in a new coat :) will be installed within one month in Slovak National Museum in Bratislava. The name of the exhibition is SKALNÉ UMENIE STREDNIEJ ÁZIE - STOPY NOMÁDSKÉHO ŽIVOTA VO FOTOGRAFII/ROCK ART IN CENTRAL ASIA - TRACES OF THE NOMADIC LIFE IN PICTURES and you can see it in the building of Natural Museum near Donau River minimally until the end of September 2010. Further information will be available on this web page.

Press release for this exhibition is available here, shorter version is available here for downloading.

The catalogue-book with the title Skalní umění a život kočovníků Střední Asie ve fotografiích Pavla Lisého/Rock art and life of Central Asian nomads in photography of Pavel Lisy was published recently. It is possible to buy it from author (use the contact in the web page) or from book shops.

I took a part of geoarchaeological expedition to Sudan, 6th catarath. You can find more info on the expedittion web pages and the photogallery from the expedittion will be soon available also here

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