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Tadjic wedding

As a pohotographer, I am offering the photographical documentation of important events from everyday life, like celebrations, weddings or funerals. Your photographs can be compiled also as a calendars or large format prints.

Here is my offer, all photographs are published just as a previews and all the snaps here are published just for artistic reasons according the Czech Commercial code no. 40/1964 Sb. odst. 3, písmena c. Further copying or adjustments are prohibited.

My photographs from the folder fhotogallery is possible to buy in two paralel edditions:
Edition L - (format 54x82 cm adjusted in the frame type Nielsen in size of 70x100 cm) is limited by eight author enlargements. The basic price is 355 Euro including taxes. The eddition M (format 32x48 cm adjusted in frames type Nielsen in size of 42x60 cm) is limited by 33 author enlargements where the basic price is 115 Euro including taxes. Those prices can vary a little according the actual course. The prices with higher number of edditions are more expensive.

The enlargements are made of high quality pigment printing. While exposed to the everyday light the assumed persistence is higher than 80 years. Every enlargement has a number and is signed.
The enlargements is possible to prepare in luxurious adjustments with glass covered on both sides by multiple antireflex layers if required. In such a case the basic price of L format (70x100 cm) is 200 Euro more expensive and the eddition M format (42x60 cm) is 65 Euro more expensive (77 Euro more expensive if you will require also UV filter glass) in the case you will order minimally four frames. If you want to order smaller number of photographs ajdusted in those luxurous frames, than the price should be discussed.
This photograph has the price approximately 44% higher.

For the photographs published on my last exhibion "Rock art ant he life of Central Asian nomads" exihibited in Brno Anthropos Museum and recently in Slovak National Museu is actual this PRICE LIST.

look inside

Katalogue - book published to the exhibition about Rock Art is possible to buy in book stores, museum or by requirement from the author. The price is 3,5 Euro plus postage.
While double click on this picture, the book will open and you can search inside. The book is all coloured, english - czech, made on art-printing paper with limp binding, format A5 with 48 pages.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested and have any questions on the e-mail address "pavel.lisy[at]".


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